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Rev Beverly Tucker Lacy

Reverend Lacy's energizing speeches quickly became a popular event for saved and unsaved soldiers alike, who attended his sermons by the thousands. Jackson recalled one particular event that summarized the success of their ministry. He wrote, "It was a noble sight to see there those, who led our armies to victory and upon whom the eyes of the nation are turned with admiration and gratitude, melted in tears at the story of the cross and the exhibition of the love of God to the repenting and return sinner."

According to an article written by Chaplain Russ Campbell for MilitaryHistoryOnline, “Many historians first mention Rev. Lacy during the aftermath of the battle of Chancellorsville, for it was he who was present with General Jackson after Jackson's tragic wounding and subsequent fatal bout of pneumonia. It was he who took Jackson's amputated arm to his brother's farm in Ellwood for burial. It was he who carried to Jackson General Robert E. Lee's message: "…tell him I wrestled in prayer for him last night, as I never prayed, I believe, for myself." It was Rev. Lacy who baptized Jackson's daughter Julia April 23, 1863.”

Excerpts taken from Pinstripe Press Blog dated January 14, 2007 - A Shepherd's Story