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Rev. Beverly Tucker Lacy Camp
Sons of Confederate Veterans

2nd Corps. Color Guard

5th Brigade Color Guard

The 2nd Corps. Color Guard is the Official Color Guard of the Rev. Beverly Tucker Lacy Camp and is comprised of individuals who have Confederate heritage and who would like to participate in a semi-professional color guard in period attire. Click here to read about the Color Guard Prayer that is read by Color Sgt. Joe Wright just prior to each event.

SCV members who wish to march with the 2nd Corps. Color Guard must be dressed in a WBTS Confederate Uniform and must inform Color Sgt. Joe Wright at least 48 hours in advance of their desire to participate in an event in order to ensure that the proper equipment and number of flags are provided. (Check the camp events page for upcoming events). Since most organizations need to know months in advance whether we have enough members to commit to an event, we ask that you let us know as soon as you are relatively sure that you can attend so we can determine if we have at least 5 members to march in a parade or 3 who will be able to attend all other non-parade events. If we find that we will have enough participation, we will be able to commit to the event.

If you wish to request the 2nd Corps. Color Guard at an upcoming event in your area, click here to send an e-mail to Color Sgt. Joe Wright with the date, time and location of the event along with any additional information such as driving directions or parking.


2nd Corps. Confederate Color Guard Protocol

The Reverend Beverly Tucker Lacy Camp Color Guard is a Confederate Semi-Formal Unit with its primary objective of honoring the Confederate Veteran and recognition of the Southern woman and their sacrifice and dedication to the Confederate States of America.

Our Color Guard marches in parades to instill pride in the display of the Confederate Flag(s).

We participate in the dedication and rededication of Confederate monuments and markers as well as grave stones and Crosses of Honor to those Confederate soldiers and sailors, our ancestors.

Our policy is to stand at attention for the various pledges and salutes and to present arms to the National anthems and patriotic songs as well as the presentation of wreaths.

Where appropriate and desired we will pre-post, not carry, a 15 star – 15 stripe Fort McHenry Flag. This flag is recognized by many as the last U. S. Flag representing the compact of sovereign states.