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Rev. Beverly Tucker Lacy Camp
Sons of Confederate Veterans

Lacy Camp Charter Presentation Dinner Photo Gallery

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Division Commander Frank Earnest and camp members in uniform
New Camp Officers being sworn in by Division Commander Frank Earnest
Displaying the newly presented camp charter
On March 29, 2008, the Rev. Beverly Tucker Lacy Camp welcomed their distinguished guest speaker, Maj. Heros Von Borcke a/k/a Virginia Division Cmdr. Frank Earnest, who presented the charter to the camp. Joining us for the evening is Cmdr. Charlie Embrey, John Bankhead Magruder Chapter MOS&B, affectionately known as "The Old General".
Cmdr. Earnest reads the camp charter to the elected officers before presenting the charter to the camp. The officers are then sworn in. (L-R) Judge Adv. & Color Sgt. Joe Wright, 1st Lt. Cmdr. Greg Randall, Cmdr. John Sawyer, Adj. Kerry Williams, Treas. Jay Portch, and Quartermaster Jack Roberts. Not pictured are 2nd Lt. Cmdr. Charles Marks and Chaplain Todd Ross.
Cmdr. John Sawyer proudly displays the newly presented Rev. Lacy Camp Charter along with Stonewall Jackson a/k/a Greg Randall and Kerry Williams.
The Randall Family
David Bailey with Division Commander Frank Earnest
Greg Randall, Joe Wright and Frank Earnest
1st Lt. Cmdr. Greg Randall, his wife Roberta, and daughter Katelyn, pose with Virginia Division Commander Frank Earnest after the charter presentation ceremony.
David Bailey poses with Virginia Division Cmdr. Frank Earnest. We were so pleased to have David with us since this was his first SCV meeting.
Our Color Sgt., Joe Wright, has the pleasure of posing with Stonewall Jackson (Greg Randall) and Maj. Heros Von Borcke (Frank Earnest).
Joe and Sandy Wright with Virginia Division Commander Frank Earnest
George and Greg Randall and families
Joe and Sandy Wright take a moment to pose with Maj. Heros Von Borcke.
George Randall, his wife Donna and her father George attended the evening festivities along with his brother Greg Randall, Roberta and Katelyn.
D.P. Newton joins us with his family and Jill Newton Simmons who was escorted by her father, Bruce Newton. Also in attendance was an old friend and Lacy Camp member Fred Davis and his family.
The Roberts Families
Sidney Lester
Don and Jane Waddell chat with Joe Wright
Our new Quartermaster, Jack Roberts and his family enjoyed dinner with his brother Mike Roberts and his girlfriend. Seated next to them are Jay Portch and his wife Valerie.
Cmdr. Sawyer takes a moment to talk with Adj. Sidney Lester of the 47th Virginia Cavalry SCV Camp #2124. We are honored that he was able to join us for our chartering ceremony.
Cmdr. Sawyer's sister-in-law, Jane Waddell and her husband Don visited us from Fairfax Station for our Charter Presentation Dinner. Don asks Color Sgt. Joe Wright about his uniform.